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Budgeting for a Social Strategy

4 Comments 01 December 2011

I was chatting with Mike Whaling yesterday, and we both agreed there are definitely some quick wins out there to help optimize your brand, stores, properties, etc. online.  It can be time consuming, but claiming your businesses pages on Google, Bing, Yelp!, etc. can be quick ways to get some SEO juice for your websites […]

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Yes, I'm Bullish on Google+

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Yes, I’m Bullish on Google+

No Comments 13 July 2011

It’s still a search game.  Social is just a part of that now. Watch on YouTube

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My RentMineOnline Story

4 Comments 07 April 2011

Yesterday I attempted to explain the important differences between finding vs. discovering when it comes to marketing and marketing online.  A long winded perception, but one that keeps me thinking about people that have embraced the idea of social and social search online.  Here’s a story about one of those people and my experience with […]

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The Resident Connection, Written Posts

Being Discovered vs. Being Found

7 Comments 06 April 2011

I think there are two ways to learn about something new.  You either find it or you discover it.  By definition these two words are pretty similar, but as I’ve been saying recently, perception is reality.  And I believe these two words are perceived differently. When I think about “finding” something I view it as […]

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