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Marketing Minute

Marketing Minute – Episodes 4-8

No Comments 16 November 2014

Last week I posted 5 episodes of the Marketing Minute. Topics include net neutrality, spilling candy, death of radio as we know it, digital amenities, and how I handle online reviews today. Two things. 1. Subscribe on YouTube if you want to watch them as I post them. 2. Please comment. Even if you don’t […]

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The Resident Connection, Written Posts

Putting Apple, Nike, Starbucks, and Red Bull In Your Title Doesn’t Necessarily Make It a Good Post

8 Comments 22 February 2012

My good friend Lisa Trosien shared an article on Facebook recently.  I love what Lisa shares because it’s often informative or thought provoking.  The particular post she shared recently was definitely thought provoking.  I thought, “DAMN, ‘7 Lessons from Great Marketers of Apple, Nike, Starbucks, and Red Bull,’ this should be interesting!”  Unfortunately, it wasn’t. […]

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The Resident Connection, Written Posts

I Have Yet To See A PR Superhero Save The Day

No Comments 09 January 2012

People make bad decisions.  This is reality.  Unfortunately, when people take to the internet to proclaim their dissatisfaction (due to a bad decision) it can become a PR nightmare for a company today.  Papa John’s took an absolute beating the past few days since the “lady chinky eyes” racial slur debacle.  Here’s a bit of […]

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The Resident Connection, Written Posts

What’s Your Online Ratings Strategy?

No Comments 20 September 2011

For those of you that have followed me for awhile you know that I take the position to respond to all online reviews and to encourage them as well.  Just type in “reviews” up in the little search bar at the top of markjuleen.com and you’ll see plenty of posts on the topic, including a […]

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