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Marketing Minute, Video Posts

Marketing Minute – Episodes 9-13

No Comments 23 November 2014

Last week I posted 5 episodes of the Marketing Minute. Topics include effectiveness of Craigslist, supply and demand, wearable tech, customer loyalty programs, and Instagram contests. Two things. 1. Subscribe on YouTube if you want to watch them as I post them. 2. Please comment. Even if you don’t have something to say about one […]

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Marketing Minute, Video Posts

Marketing Minute – Episodes 1-3

No Comments 08 November 2014

I’ve started a new video series on YouTube.com.  If you haven’t checked it out that’s OK.  My goal is to summarize each week’s posts into one blog post.  So if you subscribe here, you’ll get the email with the summary.  Or, SUBSCRIBE TO YOUTUBE BY JUST CLICKING HERE. A couple things.  1.  I’d love your […]

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The Resident Connection, Video Posts

Local Inspiration from Hoosiers at the Super Bowl

2 Comments 03 February 2012

It’s Super Bowl week in Indianapolis.  The atmosphere is all a buzz, and the committees and local groups that organized the event have done an incredible job.  It’s inspired me to make sure and be a part of more local events.  I think you should think about that to. View on YouTube

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Resident Connection Responsive Design

The Resident Connection, Written Posts

Responsive Website Design

3 Comments 27 January 2012

Have you heard the buzz about responsive website design?  What is responsive design you ask?  With the plethora of mobile and tablet devices on the market today it’s a huge challenge to create mobile versions of websites that work for everyone.  Or is it?  In comes responsive design where a website automagically adjusts to fit […]

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