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Apartment Marketing Cited Source Comparison – 2011 Update

2 Comments 28 February 2012

Last August I wrote a post comparing cited marketing sources from 2007-2010 for the J.C. Hart portfolio as a whole.  The purpose of the post was to show off how our shifted marketing spend away from print has resulted in successes from reinvestment into our own websites and search engine optimization efforts.  In the last […]

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I Have Yet To See A PR Superhero Save The Day

No Comments 09 January 2012

People make bad decisions.  This is reality.  Unfortunately, when people take to the internet to proclaim their dissatisfaction (due to a bad decision) it can become a PR nightmare for a company today.  Papa John’s took an absolute beating the past few days since the “lady chinky eyes” racial slur debacle.  Here’s a bit of […]

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Budgeting for a Social Strategy

4 Comments 01 December 2011

I was chatting with Mike Whaling yesterday, and we both agreed there are definitely some quick wins out there to help optimize your brand, stores, properties, etc. online.  It can be time consuming, but claiming your businesses pages on Google, Bing, Yelp!, etc. can be quick ways to get some SEO juice for your websites […]

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How much are your two bedrooms?

11 Comments 02 November 2011

In listening to phone calls I wondered how often we get the question, “How much are your 1/2/3 bedrooms?”  I can tell you from the calls I’ve listened to that it happens a bunch.  The problem is, so many people want to just answer that question for the customer right away.  Here’s why I think […]

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