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5 Multifamily Marketing/Tech Models in Trouble

13 Comments 03 April 2012

Last week Blackberry/RIM and Best Buy were two businesses that went on a list of dying companies.  It’s often hard to predict what the future holds, and we have a tendency to get tunnel vision when it comes to our own businesses.  It’s unfortunate these companies have found themselves to be in dire straights, but […]

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Market Surveys and Competitive Pricing

5 Comments 13 April 2011

Maybe my glasses are foggy.  I’ll just admit that right up front.  Not everyone looks at things the same way I do, but over the last eight years of studying market surveys, pricing, specials, and/or a revenue management dashboard I still don’t follow the concept of constantly knowing what your competitors are doing with their […]

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Episode 83 - Fault on the side of rapport

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Episode 83 – Fault on the side of rapport

No Comments 01 April 2011

In having conversations about talking to customers, our Regional Manager had a great quote.  “When in doubt it’s usually best to fault on the side of rapport.”  I really dug this comment and share some additional thoughts here. Watch on YouTube

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The Resident Connection, Written Posts

Google’s Version of Facebook’s “Like” Button – +1

5 Comments 31 March 2011

OK, this is different (yet kinda similar), but it’s definitely one of the better “social” plays Google has made.  With the Google +1 button, you can tell people in your Google network what websites, blogposts, webpages, etc. that you (essentially) like.  What’s pretty cool about it is that when you are logged into Google and […]

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