Marketing Minute

Marketing Minute 41, 42, and The Finale

0 Comments 30 October 2015

It’s been quite a run.  43 Episodes of a video show over about 1 year.  Not too shabby I suppose, but I’ve always felt that I can do better somehow.  So I’ve taken a break from the show, and while some have told me they have missed it I can say that I did not.  My energy for the show drifted away in recent months and I’ve decided just to end The Marketing Minute.  I can’t thank you all enough for following, sharing, and watching my little marketing tidbits.  Another day I may revisit this video thing, but for now we’re on pause.

A special thank you to Mike Whaling and 30 Lines for your support of the show!

Episode 41 – Drones and Facebook Video

Episode 42 – Sharing Some Results

The Last Marketing Minute

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