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Marketing Minute – Episodes 1-3

0 Comments 08 November 2014

I’ve started a new video series on  If you haven’t checked it out that’s OK.  My goal is to summarize each week’s posts into one blog post.  So if you subscribe here, you’ll get the email with the summary.  Or, SUBSCRIBE TO YOUTUBE BY JUST CLICKING HERE.

A couple things.  1.  I’d love your feedback on the format, content, and any insights you can add to the posts.  2. If you have a topic you would like me to talk about just let me know.

Thanks so much for following, sharing, and contributing.  Together I hope we shake up the apartment marketing world.

Market Minute – Episode 1

In this episode I talk about Taylor Swift’s move to take her music off Spotify.

Marketing Minute – Episode 2

In this episode I talk about McDonald’s attempt at being transparent. You can learn more here –

Marketing Minute – Episode 3

In this episode I talk about #AlexFromTarget

‘Alex From Target’ and how meme marketing can work

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