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Entertaining Content Isn’t Good Enough

2 Comments 28 March 2014

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A quick expansion on my point from the other day that we’re not in the content business/media busines, and why it needs to be more than content intended to just grab attention or entertain.

  • This is a great point, Mark. In our business we don’t sell the content itself, and we don’t have a business model (like Coca-Cola does, for example) that can afford to invest billions of dollars in slowly building up brand recognition over the entire lifetime of a customer.

    Our content must be built toward driving action and response with people while they are looking for a new apartment, in order to give us an opportunity to start engaging with them *during* their search. I don’t think that’s impersonal or pushy, but helpful to the customer. If I’m looking for an apartment, I don’t want merely entertaining content–I want content that will help me figure out whether or not you have the apartment I’m looking for.

    I’ll stop writing there, but you definitely touched a nerve for me. Thanks for this video.

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