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Out Love, Out Care

2 Comments 25 February 2014

I want to thank our J.C. Hart site teams for really embracing something we put a stamp on nearly two years ago.  A couple years ago we had a retreat to discuss what’s important for our business and the idea of “out loving and out caring our competition” really resonated with the group.  I think what has happened since is pretty cool.  Here’s a snapshot.

– Changing tires

– Jump starting cars

– Clearing off snowy cars

– Assisting with trash bags

– Assisting with grocery bags

– Helping move furniture

– Assisting with move-ins after hours

– Volunteering to walk dogs

– Dumpster diving for a favorite pen

– Staying late to help a prospect that locked her keys in her car

Some of this may seem easy and unoriginal, but we have our teams tell an “out love, out care” story every Monday morning on our company conference call.  Sure, we’ve been pushing customer service for years and have done many of these things before the initiative, but the stories make me smile because I love the thought and effort.  Keep up the excellence team JCH!

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