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10 Comments 06 March 2013

Thanks to @mbrewer for the push to do a video.  Yes, I say “tools” a bunch in this video, but I wasn’t going to do it over. 🙂

Find out some things about Matt Kilmurray on his blog.

Click here to watch on YouTube

  • New Edition? Seriously? I’m expected to take you seriously with that playing in the background?

    • Of course you are expected to take me seriously.  At least it wasn’t ‘Candy Girl’. 😉

    • Of course you are expected to take me seriously.  At least it wasn’t ‘Candy Girl’. 😉

    • Oh stop Michael – I think it actually bumps up the serious some. The fact that he could talk to us in a video and not sing that song? Brilliant.

  • The music makes it. Really.

    In terms of software or service vendors, I think it’s great that we have so many options in our industry. Multi-family runs on tight budgets and has copious nuances. Our vendors do a great job filling those niches.

    However, I think it’s imperative to leverage industry agnostic vendors when it comes to CRM, CMS and web design and development. 

  • A vlog discourse? I love the Internet.

  • Cheri L.

    New Edition….Love it.  Also love looking outside the industry for tools and ideas.  Highly recommend this company for branding

  • Gus

    How does Highrise work for you as a CRM for multifamily? There is also PackageLog for package/parcel management… 

    • Gus, I think there could be potential no different than SalesForce.  I think what we’re looking for in our industry is to insure customer data can be managed effectively and efficiently without having too many logins or platforms to manage.  For example, once we actually capture a prospect and they rent an apartment we enter them into our property management system to manage their stay with us.  Right now we would just enter that prospect’s information right into the management system at the first point of contact and use the very basic CRM system built in, or we would use an integrated industry CRM lead management tool that pushes the prospect data through when they convert to a leasee.  

      In general, our industry wants that data to transfer and integrate.  The industry CRM tools are OK, but they are nowhere near the sophistication of Salesforce or Highrise.  I’m not sure it really matters though.  While it would be a change from the status quo and could require some duplicate entry, I feel that the best of breed CRM tools out there can more effectively manage the leads and the leasing process.  The improved efficiency and improved leasing could easily trump time saved by integrating some customer data.  The challenge is the leap to train our teams to manage both and use them both effectively.  Worth testing, I think.

      Something guys like Matt and I will likely pioneer, but I would guess that our efforts would not open the floodgates of followers unless we see a significant impact on our operations.

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