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0 Comments 07 January 2013

Guess what.  I suck at it.  Why?  Like many, I could give a number of excuses.  However, I know it’s really just because of a few things that could be overcome.

1. Discipline  At one time I had nearly made it a habit.  But, like anything in life, habits can change and priorities can shift.  Blogging lost its high priority and I lacked the discipline to push on through anyway.

2. Value  Why did blogging lose priority?  I think it was my perspective on value.  While I still think there is value in blogging, I had to take a step back and prioritize where blogging here on MarkJuleen.com fit into my career and life.  At least in 2012, it obviously slipped on the list.  However, blogging for J.C. Hart is stronger than ever, and we have even more coming in 2013.  Moving targets.  Why I love marketing.

3. Content  Hot Damn!  This can sometimes be tough.  When social media was fresh and new tech online or in mobile seemed to be flying at me from every direction I felt like I had lots to talk about.  While I believe tech is still evolving, I’m not afraid to say that it’s pretty dull lately.  Maybe I just don’t get as excited anymore, but I also read so much on networks like Mashable or Techcrunch that I don’t feel like I should reinvent the wheel.  So it’s time to reinvent my content strategy.  Be ready for some randomness…maybe.

Hello 2013.  What’s in store here on the blog?  Who the heck knows?  I’m not setting any goals, but I’m not going away.  We’ll see what emerges, and I look forward to challenging the status quo in apartment marketing as I’ve set out to do over the past few years.

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