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Is it sharable? Why DollarShaveClub.com is F***ing Great!

6 Comments 14 March 2012

Last week I was quick to share one of the best online commercials I’ve seen in awhile.  DollarShaveClub.com‘s execution on this video was right on and most definitely hit the demographic they were targeting.  What a great way to recognize an issue and put together a product and service that fits a need.  The marketing on top of that was a viral sensation they likely never imagined.

While the video was clever and they definitely fit a need, it had me thinking about why it works.  The idea is sharable.  I wanted to share the video and share the product.  I was excited to share that discovery.  Social media has always been about sharing, but what we’re recognizing more and more now is that sharing is the key.  It actually always has been.  The way we share things is just different, and the amount of content options we have to share has multiplied tremendously.  No longer do we hear about something by the water cooler or even just via email.  Now it has the potential to spread like wild fire.  The question is, is it worth sharing?

We can all debate how social affects SEO if we want to, but as we look further out I believe it’s more about the sharability than the searchability in the long run.  The Firebelly team and I have coined the term “Social Discovery”.  As we continue to see sites evolve or pop up (ie – Pinterest), we’re seeing that growth in product discovery is coming through social vs. search.  It may be too bold to say that social discovery will replace or outpace search, but the ability to close a lead or get an actual sale from social discovery vs. search discovery needs to be noticed.

DollarShaveClub.com is obviously a very direct sale of a common good.  And sure, the idea of “sharing” some products won’t work the same.  A clever video about apartments won’t get your phone ringing off the hook.  I can guarantee that.  However, a clever video can absolutely create credibility, some shares, and some interest in a brand or product that is normally dull.  That video doesn’t necessarily have to be about your actual product either.

Has DollarShaveClub.com inspired you at all?  What’s your next move?  I know my move was to buy some razors first off, but we’re working on some video stuff now as well.  No excuses folks, this guy did it with razors.  Apartments are just as boring.

 Watch the video on YouTube

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