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Inspiration Is Everywhere … Even Google+

5 Comments 15 February 2012

I started writing a marketing manifesto about a year ago.  I wasn’t sure where it was going so I shelved it.  The idea is resurfacing though as I’ve had some inspirational moments in recent months that are driving me to pick it up again.  I wanted share 3 of these moments.

First, is a conversation I had with Mr. Bill Szczytko.  I knew the guy was nerdy, but I didn’t know what he was capable of.  After showing me some of the intranet he built for his company I had to throw an idea at him.  He inspired me to share it, and he’s inspiring me to push the idea more.  Be on the lookout for www.ApartmentHelpdesk.com.

Second, was having the Super Bowl come to Indianapolis.  It was an incredible event and the committees, teams, and volunteers that helped pull it together were inspiring.  What inspired me the most was the “Indianapolis” community.  The event really brought people together and we became even more proud of our little mid-west city that usually gets passed over and shoved to the side.  This event has inspired me to be a better part of the community myself.  Ready, set, go!

Third, was an interesting response to my blog post from last week.  When you put your thoughts out there you never really know what part of it will stick with someone.  Apparently I hit a nerve with a Google+ superuser.  In a good way though.  Jake Croston stumbled across my post and showed concern that my interest in G+ was waning.  Check out what happened from there.

I share these stories with you because I wanted to share a bit of the mind of Mark.  I’m constantly seeking snippets of inspiration from anyone or anything around.  Sometimes it’s a person.  Sometimes it’s a product.  Sometimes it’s an event.  The key, though, is that I’m always looking.  You never know what or who will inspire you to do that next project, take the next leap, go after a new idea, or just reevaluate what you are doing right now.  Don’t take anything for granted.  It could be the gateway to the next big thing for you.  You just need to do something with it.


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