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Local Inspiration from Hoosiers at the Super Bowl

2 Comments 03 February 2012

It’s Super Bowl week in Indianapolis.  The atmosphere is all a buzz, and the committees and local groups that organized the event have done an incredible job.  It’s inspired me to make sure and be a part of more local events.  I think you should think about that to.

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  • Hey Mark,
    I agree completely. We have started to reach out to as many local events as we can as a Media Partner, through our on line magazine platform, Facebook Reach and Twitter Followers. (There is power in the numbers, but that is for another day, lol) We are currently a Media Partner for  nine day Blues Festival in Ferndale, a neighborhood to the South and also Motown Winter Blast coming up in downtown Detroit. 

    The connections that occur are unbelievable, in addition to also being placed as a Media Partner on the participating web sites and promotional banners, but the biggest piece is having an inside track to the committees and folks hosting things. That all in addition to truck loads of swag to promote on your Facebook Page. I think that as long as the events are in alignment with your Brand, you can hugely leverage these events.

  • I can’t even begin to imagine the buzz for the city.  Great V log sir.  There are always lots of opportunities on a local level to really connect with your community and it is always great to see other industries in action so that our learning curve continues to thrive.  Enjoy your weekend! 

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