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Five Tips for Quality Facebook Page Conversation – a guest post by Jonathan Saar

4 Comments 27 September 2011

This week’s guest post is from Jonathan Saar of The Training Factor.  A true student of the game, Jonathan is a model networker online.  Please enjoy his Facebook tips this week.


There appeared to be quite the measure of fear throughout multifamily as we witnessed numerous changes to the Facebook platform.  Questions regarding how the changes would affect interaction and overall value were paramount.  The fact still remains though that even with the various changes, if you have a solid conversational content approach you will still succeed and your pages will thrive.  Below are five solid reminders to keep in mind that will help sustain and build the conversation on your page.  Remember often times it’s about the little things.


Typically most people will post as their Facebook page.  So you will post an update and it does not come across as you the person but your brand name.  Adding something a little personal can have a profound affect.  When I first started The Training Factor page I experimented a little.  No signature equated to little or no feedback.  Once I started adding my signature things changed.  So it would look a little like this: Status update- What do you think of this change on XYZ ~~Jonathan Saar or ~~JS.  Once I started doing that my level of interactions and conversation continued at a steady gradual pace.

Sharing As

You may see some quality content your friends or other pages are sharing.  Rather than just posting the article use the share feature in order to give credit to who posted it.  You simply click on share below the post.  You will be prompted as to where you want to share the post.  It defaults to your wall but you can change it to your page.  It also allows you to put in a little comment.  Be sure to Tag who you are sharing this from so they are notified of what you have done.  This automatically prompts typically the person you shared this from to get the conversation going and then you can take it from there.  Facebook did just release a new feature on the updates itself that allows you to view who shared your posts.  It will be interesting to see how this too will contribute to overall conversation in the future.

Facebook Insights

This is a helpful analytics tool that you should use often.  Click on your “View Insights” button on your page then click on the left hand column “Interactions”.  This gives you a great comprehensive overview of what your conversations are doing and what kind of impressions and interactions you are getting.  By reviewing this it will help you make decisions as to what is working and what is not.

Google Alerts and Reader

Don’t ever go looking for content, let it come to you.  First of all no one has time to go looking and second what you find may not have the quality it needs to stimulate your audience.  Make the determination of what your audience likes and use these tools to bring the content to you.  Experiment with different topics and determine which ones seem to generate the most interest.  Get rid of topics that are stale and try something different.  Remember you do not necessarily have to share a link to get a conversation going.  If your community is big American Idol fans then it’s OK to talk about that.  If they like football then talk about football.  Make your content fun and conversational and you will always succeed.

Comment as “Your Page”

This is still a somewhat new tool but a pretty fun one for brands.  You can now post as your page on other pages as opposed to yourself personally.  This makes it easy for your community to see that it is not all about you.  So go out there and find within your community businesses that you use Facebook, like them from your page not your profile and then start participating in their conversations.  This creates a great awareness for your community and definitely helps with partnership marketing.

Most of these tips may be fairly common place to you but there is a deeper lesson here.  When things change we tend to shrink back from our process.  This is suicide at this point.  If you shrink back as an apartment marketer you will have no reliable comparison data to use.  So don’t crawl under or a rock or sit on your hands but keep the continuity.  If what you have been doing has been working so far use the past data to compare with your future data and make decisions based on those differences.  Overall I believe the changes are positive for business and I look forward to seeing how my own data changes.  I will be sure to share it!

What tips or thoughts can you add to this conversation?  Will you make immediate or future changes to your approach with Facebook?  Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Written by Jonathan Saar- The Training Factor

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