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Clearing the Mind & Connecting

0 Comments 27 July 2011

I took a couple days off this week.  It can be difficult for me to get away from being connected, but I achieved it the past few days.  I struggle to do this as my mind is constantly thinking about business opportunities and innovations.  Some days I think this is a fault, while I think it’s a benefit on other days.  Who knows?  Anywho, I think I was mainly successful because of good friends.  Much like a career I am passionate about, I truly value good friends.

I wrote a post about the ROI of Social Media last week in which I highlighted the value of one to one personal connections.  Just as my business relationships are strengthened through social media, I can definitely say that my personal relationships are strengthened as well.  Facebook has allowed me to stay connected with friends I only see once a year (or sometimes less often), and I feel like we can pick up right where we left off.  The ROI in that is priceless and appreciated.

As I prepare for the rest of the week ahead I can definitely say that I enjoyed my time off.  It’s a good thing to clear the mind a bit.  I know I benefit from it.  Friends seem to make that easier for me as well.  In my mind, I truly believe the connections and relationships we have drive us to achieve our goals.  My friends helped me achieve my goal to clear my mind the past couple days, and my peers that I work with and connect with everyday help motivate me toward my goals all the time.

Relationships and connecting with others is inspiring.  Thanks for the inspiration everyone!

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