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Do You Use Video On Your Website? – a guest post by Sarah Greenough

2 Comments 21 July 2011

Today’s guest post is by Sarah Greenough.  She is the brilliant Sr. V.P., CMO for Princeton Properties and a great friend.

Here are two compelling reasons to start using video:

  •  More Exposure – by using a medium that your prospective residents desire.
  • Improved SEO – online video content aids to maximum visibility across search engines.

In a recent Yahoo!’s study, video viewers recalled seeing pre-, mid- and post-roll ads more often than any other display ad type. More than half (53%) of respondents to this study who recalled seeing some advertising remembered viewing these in-stream video ads.

Using video to advertise your apartment communities serves multiple purposes.  Firstly, considering that our prospective renters want to “see what it would be like” in their new home before signing a lease, video helps paint a visual picture for them.  The simplistic beauty behind the concept of using video is the basic fact that “people love video” and a video can give an intimate tour of an apartment community at any time of day – not merely when our Rental Office is open.  Optimistically, an apartment community that uses video in their advertising will receive more exposure to more potential renters vs. a competitor that does not use any video.  This is because the online consumer generally prefers viewing dynamic video and images over stagnant text.

A video tour will engage the audience.  As a result, a good video that is effectively tagged and labeled will end up being shared all over the Internet, thus it will end up being syndicated in ways that traditional advertising will not.  More eyes on your advertising!  Another benefit of using video is the positive SEO implications.  Apply SEO best practices to your videos when publishing online content to ensure maximum visibility across search engines and ultimately, your target customer.  There seems to be some clear advantages to utilizing video for search rankings; it should be added to your overall best practices strategy for website development as well as video producing & publishing.  It is all about the numbers.  MORE exposure = MORE renters.

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