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Q? of the Week: If you could change anything at your property, what would it be?

2 Comments 18 July 2011

Last week I asked, “When was the last time you scanned a QR Code?”

Here’s the results from that question.

–  Within the past week – 21 votes

–  It’s been awhile – 20 votes

–  Never – 18 votes

–  What’s a QR Code? – 4 votes

–  Today – 1 vote

–  Within the past month – 1 vote

Interesting feedback there.  Considering most of the people participating in this are likely marketing people I would predict the future of QR codes is limited.  However, there was some good commentary and examples of how people are scanning them if you read some of the comments with the question.  Would love to know how you interpret that data as well???

So, this week my question is geared to those on site folks.  If you could change anything at your property, what would it be? Click on the Facebook link below and feel free to add your own options.

Facebook Question Link

Thanks so much, and please share with your friends!

  • I would add QR codes to my exterior signage and print materials.
    P.S.  I used my QR code to purchase discount Harry Potter opening day tickets and another QR code to redeem my free popcorn. I had the whole concession line downloading the Free popcorn code.

    • Now that’s excellent use of a QR code!  Thanks Tamela.

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