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Are QR Codes Taking Off or Just a Flash in the Pan?

1 Comment 14 July 2011

I asked a simple question on Google+ yesterday and had some pretty good discussion.  So I wanted to take it to another level to see if we can find out if QR codes are just a flash in the pan or not.  I created a Question on Facebook to poll some people.  I’ve asked my friends to participate, and would like to see it spread a bit.  Please go check it out and let us know “When was the last time you scanned a QR code?”

Facebook Question Link

Maybe it’s still too soon to tell or maybe it’s just me, but I’m not seeing any buzz over these other than by marketers stretching for a new idea.  Maybe our peers can help give us direction?

  • Lias

    Mark, we use QR codes all the time in training. We put them on our slides for our contact info and have those in the class snap them to store our information as opposed to writing everything down. We also use them in the signature lines of our email. One community in particular gave away an iPad for every new move in and as part of the promotion we purchased and iPad and let the guest snap QR codes that were placed during their tour and then emailed them the photos, descriptions, etc. As part of their thank you follow up email.

    Our classes are surprised when we tell them how old this technology is and are eager to use it when we show them how easy the codes are to create. Some of them come up with really creative uses for the codes.

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