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Why Google+ Hangouts Smokes Facebook & Skype

1 Comment 12 July 2011

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So Facebook tried to create some buzz after Google+ launched by announcing their “Awesome” partnership with Skype.  There seemed to be more criticism of the effort within the nerd community than real excitement though.  After the launch of this “Awesome” service I even read someone post that they tried it and it was “Awesome”.  Really?  Awesome?  It’s just Skype.  Sure, it’s more convenient to use now, but the technology is most definitely not awesome.  It’s actually no different than what Google has had with Talk for years.  As you can tell I’m not seeing the awesomeness here.  However, I am bullish on the Google+ group video chat feature to “Hangout” with up to 9 friends.  Here’s my top 5 reasons why the potential for Google+ Hangouts Smokes Facebook & Skype.

5.  Just start one and people can join you anytime.  You don’t have to actually choose someone to hangout with, rather they see your updated status of “Hanging Out” and can choose to join you.

4.  Watch a YouTube video with your friends.  I see this being very cool with the younger crowd and anticipate we’ll be able to share other things within this app similar to YouTube down the road.

3.  Video conferencing.  Sure we can get excited all we want about this being “social”, but the potential for business here is fantastic.  Connect with your teams in other states or even just across town and hold a meeting.

2.  Have a mini forum, discussion, or presentation.  Screen sharing would be a phenomenal add on, and could give GoToMeeting or WebEx a run if they work this right.

1.  Business pages.  I’m speculating, but if this is also a feature for business pages this could be a new tool people really didn’t see coming.  Be prepared for that.

What do you think?  Have you tried the two features yet?  What gets you jazzed up about these two new services?

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