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Google+ vs. Twitter

3 Comments 08 July 2011

The majority of the comparisons I’ve read online are geared toward Google+ vs. Facebook.  I actually think Twitter is the network that will be impacted the most by Google+.  Here’s my top  5 reasons why Twitter will be effected more by G+ (as of today):

5.  Organization – For early adopters on Twitter, “Lists” came too late.  G+ is a way to reorganize your network and clean out the clutter.  Nerdy early adopters will gravitate toward this opportunity for a reorg.

4.  Privacy – G+ has essentially made this the number 1 priority by having you organize people into circles and choose the circle to post things to.  It’s like having a public/private Twitter account all in one that allows just to post to your lists.

3.  More Content – 140 characters makes sense as it relates to text messages, but it seems that more and more content on Twitter is a link out to something else.  I’d rather see more substance with the link.  I also foresee (once apps can be built) many syndicated posts to Twitter linking back to G+ where there is more substance, content, and discussion.

2.  Comments/Conversation – There is a lot of clutter on Twitter that makes it challenging to have a discussion, and tweets can get buried within minutes of posting them if you follow a lot of people.  G+ helps organize this much better, and encourages conversations.

1.  Something’s gotta give – I don’t think Twitter will go away, and I do think it will continue to evolve into “realtime” news source for people.  In the meantime, I think people won’t be quick to give up on Facebook, but will spend time checking out G+ vs. skimming Twitter in the coming months.

Do you have anything to add to the list?  What social network do you think will be impacted most by Google+?

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