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Yup, I’m Going to Sign Up With ApartmentRatings.com

12 Comments 29 June 2011

I’ve dodged this, and played along responding the best I can to reviews as a regular user.  I think it’s time to take the next step.  Check out what they sent me in regards to Bulk Registration and what you get.  So … what do you think?  If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em???


Hello Mark,

Thank you for contacting us about the ApartmentRatings.com Manager Center.

Owners and managers responsible for 10 or more properties qualify for Bulk Registration, discounted registration, and the following benefits:

– single representative validation for multiple properties via a one notarized document (instead of individually signing and submitting 10+ notarized documents)
– single invoice, single payment
– discount schedule as shown below

10% off Registration Fee for properties 2-30
20% off Registration Fee for properties 31-100
30% off Registration Fee for properties 101+

$100 One time registration fee
$180 Annual subscription

Each community receives all of the benefits of having individualized Manager Center access with unique usernames and passwords.

Our Manager Center is a service that enables you to:
* Publish a response to residents’ content with designation as “the manager”

* Receive leads from prospective residents:
– Post unlimited photos and floorplans
– Provide amenities and rent information
– Get a link to your property’s website
– Publish your community email address
– Post a description of your community, including specials and availability

If you qualify for Bulk Registration, the next step would be to send us a list of your communities (see attached) and we can send the registration documents. Otherwise, you can complete the registration process using the link below for each property you wish to enroll in the Manager Center.

Please note, you will need to create a different username and password for each property you manage. After registering for a property, be sure to click ‘Logout’ before starting a new registration:



The ApartmentRatings.com Team


  • I would be curious to see how this campaign affects you. As I mentioned in the podcast yesterday our owner will NOT let us sign up. Whaling mentioned the benefits of doing so… SEO, leads, better customer responsiveness but…. 

    Let us know what effect it has.

  • I really like the concept of ApartmentRatings. Had the pleasure of speaking to the founder and Leigh Curry about it in great length actually and find that what they built is similar to a published JD Powers Survey for the apartment industry. No harm in that with actual positive effect coming from it should your communities gain the seal. Why not take advantage. Glad to see VG on board as their first group. Holtzmann and Quay have a sense of taking good risk, so good on them for being the first on board. Glad to see others following.

    • The site you’re referring to is apartmentgrade.com. this is different.

  • Anonymous

    Sign up, there doesn’t seem to be a downside, Best of Luck with it.

  • Dlpknits

    It took them a while to upload my information, but they are always responsive when there is a name or slanderous information on the reviews.  I’ve responded to all reviews good or bad for about a year.  We have been able to contact people, resolve their issue and have them remove their negative rating in 2 cases.

    Also don’t copy paste into the box.  It messes up everything!

  • Terri Sherrod

    Post has registered all our communities. I was able to get one username and password to access all the communities and any alerts come directly to me, not the property managers.

    • That’s what I’m doing.  Time to embrace it 100%.

  • goldmember62

    Quick question — does the Apartment Ratings manager center give you any additional information about who is leaving reviews, such as email of the user or IP address?

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