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750,000,000 Users (including a bunch of business and duplicate accounts)

0 Comments 24 June 2011

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I don’t think even Facebook could tell you how many accounts are used against their terms of service as business accounts or as duplicate accounts.  The fact is, they have plenty of other problems to worry about that actually make them money.  Yet, we social media nerds get all bent out of shape about the TOS of Facebook and what could possibly happen.  After chatting with my friend and social media planner at Firebelly Marketing, Chad Richards, about this exact topic yesterday, here’s why I think all the worry is still for good reason.

– While we haven’t seen profiles being taken down by storm, most of us have heard about or maybe even had a photo taken down.

– Even Roger Ebert had his page taken down briefly after causing some controversy.

– In general you just never know if someone is going to mark you as SPAM or report you, your posting habits, or your friending habits.

I think the keys here are that any of these things can happen whether you are actually using a business page or you are using a user profile account for your business.  However, I think using a profile account just multiplies the potential for these things to happen to you because the account you’re using is against the TOS in the first place.

With as much effort and time we’re putting into Facebook I just think it makes sense to operate a business on a page vs. a profile.  Sure, the odds of either getting taken down are unlikely, but you never know.  Besides, doesn’t it make more sense to have insights and analytics about your fans/followers?  You don’t get any of that info with your profile account.  Also, you can give administrative privileges to anyone on Facebook and comment as yourself or as the page when logged in.  Much easier to manage than logging in and out to multiple accounts.

This isn’t intended to be a rant, but definitely a reason why companies should hire someone to help set-up and administer social media programs.  It’s why I work with Firebelly Marketing and 30 Lines with our J.C. Hart online efforts, and it’s why together we’re working as The Resident Connection to help multifamily companies with their social media and online efforts in general.  There should be an overall strategy for your brand and your management company, and that strategy will bring you the best ROI.

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