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The Joys of Facebook

6 Comments 15 May 2011

We’re supposed to be having fun, right?  Well, sometimes it isn’t all puppy dogs and ice cream on Facebook.  Currently we’re having some issues with an Internet provider at one of our properties.  I honestly don’t know if they really have a grasp on what the real issue is.  Of course, we have residents that are NOT happy.  What really sucks though is when we get negative posts to the company wall on Facebook.  Sure, we deserve to be called out.  It’s just as much our problem as it is the utility provider’s.  We contracted with them.

But… what should we do after we respond or fix the problem.  Typically, I just delete the negative comment and move on.  I’ve responded and I’ve followed up so I don’t think it’s necessary to keep the negativity public.  This hasn’t been a problem until this recent issue where our utility provider isn’t fixing the problem.  We’re having a problem winning this battle because of something that is essentially out of my control.  Now what?  We keep getting called out for the same issue that apparently is too challenging to fix.

I understand my next steps are to move on to a new Internet provider, but how does that help my residents today?  It doesn’t.  They’ve been hosed for the past 3 weeks with service that goes in and out/off and on.  And now we’re hosed with bad PR.

So here’s the lesson and what I recommend.  Anyone you contract work from is an extension of you and your brand.  If they fail, you fail.  It all can be overcome, but be prepared to respond and take ownership of the issue.  Don’t just point fingers and ignore the issue.  Take on your part and help make it right the best you can.  Try to move the conversation offline if you can, but, regardless, keep responding until it’s all fixed.

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