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Apartment Internet Marketing Conference (The cool kids just call it AIM)

3 Comments 28 April 2011

Ten reasons why it’s the best conference for apartment marketing Nerds.

10. Locations.  SoCal is always great, but Denver and Phoenix were also great spots!

9. The attendees are all on the same page. Everyone is looking for new online marketing ideas.

8. The sponsoring companies are all pushing innovation.

7. The best speakers and presentation topics.  Takeaways from everyone.

6. Meeting like minded apartment nerds and sharing ideas.  Great relationships that last!

5. Cocktail parties and vendor parties where you actually meet new people.

4. While having fun is part of a conference, I guarantee you walk away with ideas you will use.

3. Ideas between sessions are always flowing.  Real work actually getting done at a conference.

2. Steve Lefkovitz – Take a minute to introduce yourself.

1. As an apartment marketer, if I could only go to one conference each year this would be it.

Add to the list. Why do you love AIM?

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