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Sacrifice & Balance

0 Comments 22 April 2011

I’m not much of a religious person (in an organized sense).  You won’t find me quoting verses from any Bible or Testament.  From a religious standpoint I believe that belief all comes from within, and while we may be inspired by different people or groups to choose certain beliefs I respect that it’s still our own personal choice.  While this post comes on a weekend that many cherish for its meaning, it’s the reality of the day that inspired me to write it.

In the past month or so I have been able to witness stories and life unfold with people close to me and far away.  As someone that often chooses paths that sacrifice time, I think it is important we all reflect on sacrifices we make and balance in our lives.  While many of the sacrifices I make affect my sleeping patterns, it seems many others are sacrificing so much more for people close to them.  I know this happens every day, but more recently it has seemed to hit home for me.

I reflect on the tragic news in Japan and it establishes a whole new perspective on what is important.  I look at a coworker that sacrificed 10 years away from his family in Mexico to work and save enough money to give that family a better life there.  He will now be reunited with them this week.  And I watch a friend be so incredibly strong during a time when someone close to her is going through so much pain.  I’m witness to so much sacrifice that I can’t help but reflect on my own life.

I hope life continues to keep my perspective in check as I sometimes lose sight of the balance.  It’s exciting to work for a great company, to have the opportunity to work with incredible people, and to be fortunate enough to have a fantastic wife and family, but I know life has plenty of challenges and curve balls ahead.  While I believe most of us carve our own paths, there are definitely sacrifices made along the way.  Some more tragic than others, and some that are not by choice.  Whether or not this holiday weekend is important to you, I hope the realization of sacrifice all around you is recognized and I hope it allows you to create better balance in your life.

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