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Facebook Comments for Your Community Blog

0 Comments 22 March 2011

On the J.C. Hart Apartment Communities Facebook page we’re getting some decent engagement.  People comment and like things.  We’d like to see activity like this increase on our blogs.  Most of our topics aren’t big discussion points, but they do contain informative news that’s worth sharing.  In thinking about our content I think it might make sense to use the Facebook comments plug-in for them.

There has been some debate about using Facebook comments for your website or blog because it can’t be backed up and it might prevent people from commenting because they can’t do anonymously.  From my perspective, neither of those factors are negatives to me.  We want real people to comment, and it’s really not critical that we own the comments.  That conversation is important, but making it easy for someone to comment is even more important.

I’ll be honest, we don’t get a bunch of comments anyway.  If we could make it easier for people to share our posts my guess is that it may encourage more comments.  I think it’s worth experimenting with and seeing what could happen.  What do you think?  Do you think Facebook comments are spammy?  Robert Scoble isn’t committing to them just yet, but it appears even he is considering it.  TechCrunch has already made the move and they seem to be very happy.

I guess my thought is that we really have nothing to lose.  We’re not getting many comments anyway, so maybe this could be a way to increase our engagement.

**Update** We’re trying it out over on our blog.  Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

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