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Dare I Call It iFad 2?

13 Comments 11 March 2011


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When the first iPad came out I was quick to rant on about it’s uselessness.  Going on a year later I still think it’s an expensive paperweight, but guess what, my opinion doesn’t matter.  Or does it?  Unless people are buying these things just to spite me, last time I checked they were selling millions of them.  Not too shabby for a device that’s just an over-sized iPhone/iPod (and don’t debate me in the comments about the minor differences because it’s essentially the same and you know it).  Now that I’ve lured you into this post by slamming this over-priced, under-performing device I’m going to flip this post into something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately.  Inspiration.

First, I will tell you that I’m not going to buy the new iPad 2, nor will I get another type of tablet device anytime soon as they don’t fit any of my needs.  I have no use for a tablet when I already have enough devices to get the job done (HP Laptop, Android Phone, iPod Touch, Flip HD Camera, & a Kindle).  I don’t need something with a shitty keyboard so I can work slower, I don’t need an over-sized and awkward way to take video when the Flip is so easy, and I don’t need a fancy way to read digital magazines (even if I’ve heard Wired on it is super cool).  Besides, my wife suckered her parents into getting her one for Christmas so if I ever need to remind myself why it sucks I’ll just pick up hers.  She loves it and defends it to a fault (even though she complains that she can’t read it in bright sunshine, typing on it sucks, and it takes FOREVER to download People Magazine, <– that’s my favorite complaint).  I’ve messed with it about 3 or 4 times in the last couple months.  It’s inspired me to avoid it.  Inspired…. hmm, back to that idea.  Sorry I have digressed.

So what does this device (or any tablet) do to inspire people to want one?  Of course there’s the “coolness” factor like I mentioned in my previous post.  Sure, get one and you are instantly “cool”… YOU, have an iFad.  Well done.  Now what?  Oh yeah, set up your email on it and make sure your signature line says “Sent from my iPad”.  Now everyone knows you’re cool when you email them.  But that’s what this is about, isn’t it?  Technology makes us feel cool.  We feel good about our investment decisions in technology because we feel cool.  Some may argue they feel more productive, but that just really means they feel better or feel cool.  I’m actually fine with the iFad.  It’s cool.  For me, I think I’m so cool because I DON’T want one.  We’re all striving for cool.  If an iPad inspires you to get there, go for it.  You should be seeking out inspiration in everything you do, and if an iPad helps you achieve that then I say, what are you waiting for?


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