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EverdayMap Introduction

8 Comments 06 January 2011

A few weeks back I told you about an exciting new tool I wanted to introduce the apartment industry.  It’s time to turn your outreach efforts in a different direction.  Here’s the introduction video for the tool.  Contact me if you’d like to discuss how you can get a map built for your community.  Check out these live maps right now as well.

North Haven Apartments

Urbane Apartments

University Village Apartments

  • Congratulation Mark. This sounds super exciting. Will you be outlining how other communities can use this tool in a later post? Or do they just need to contact you directly?

    • Jonathan, we’ll be putting together more detail when we launch the website during the next week. Throughout the year we’ll be highlighting how properties are using the tool to build relationships with local businesses nearby. For now, people can contact me directly to discuss getting maps for their properties.

  • This is some seriously cool stuff. Is this only for multifamily? I can see this for larger companies connecting with shops around them. I’m already figuring out how to pitch HR on this and how to incorporate this on the website or Sharepoint site. Congrats!

    • The maps can be custom built for anyone. The developer is using them for a number of other industries. While I’m focusing the EverydayMap promotions for multifamily, we can do whatever.

  • Giovanni

    Great app Mark. I can see this as a huge benefit to both residents and local businesses. I will pass this on to our prop mgt. people. Can you give us details on pricing, etc?
    Thanks, Giovanni

    • Giovanni, thanks for your interest. We’ll be outlining those detail on our website. We’ll be launching that sometime within the next week. I think it’s extremely affordable, and with the options to get ad revenue from it it can easily pay for itself or become an income platform for properties. More to come soon!

  • Reggie Starr

    Cool map — great way to look at properties close to what you like.  BTW – I heard you guys are building apartments at Geist?  is that true? Would love to know where – more info

    • Reggie, thanks for stopping by.  We currently have a property under construction in the Lawrence area as part of the Fort Harrison redevelopment.  The first apartments are expected to be available in July 2012.

      We do have a few other Hamilton County projects in early development stages as well.  More to come on those later this year.  Feel free to email me at marketing @ homeisjchart.com for more info.  

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