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25 Comments 19 October 2010


First, I went to go check the analytics on our places accounts for our properties, and I was greeted with violation notifications stating that the listing don’t meet Google’s “quality guidelines”. These listings have been up for years with no issues, and I have made off and on adjustments and edits this year (none recently) with zero issues.  I have NO clue what the deal is here, but this is a CROCK!  I can’t wait to get another automated message back from them that gives no specific explanation why this has happened.  Just GARBAGE, CRAP, WASTE OF MY TIME trying to figure out why some crap change to their system has now decided to block my listings.  I’m just IRATE!

Next, my lovely friends at ForRent.com have claimed our properties on CitySearch.com while putting their logos all over the listings.  I’m still researching to find out if this is something they are allowed to do.  All I’ve found so far is a way to PAY for listings on CitySearch.com, and that’s not going to happen from my perspective.  I would guess that For Rent is paying for those listings, but I still don’t thing that is right.  I guess if I have ads with them then I hope they are trying to drive traffic to those ads, so I can deal with that I suppose.  BUT … That’s not even what ticks me off.  The WORST part is that because they have these listings on CitySearch.com, their image auto-posts to my related Place page on Google!

BOOOOO GOOGLE!!!!  Put ridiculous “Quality Guidelines” on listings that up until recently were just fine, and then allow one of my competitors (yes, ForRent.com is a competitor when it comes to getting web traffic) to get their image onto a Places page that I have claimed!!!  This is terrible, and I am so hoping that somehow this all isn’t a coincidence that has caused my Place pages to be flagged.  Now I have to WASTE my time figuring out this garbage when all had been just fine for as long as I can remember with these listings.  Hey Google!  Are you listening?  Do you even care?  Or will I just get an auto-response?

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