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Let’s Talk Marketing Budgets

6 Comments 28 October 2010

Every year around this time we all try to plan for the year ahead and costs we’ll incur.  This year I was hoping people would share some of the costs they budget for.  I’ll kick it off by outlining our average marketing costs per unit and what we include in that number. Last year we […]

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JCH Spotlight, Written Posts


25 Comments 19 October 2010

I’M BORDERLINE FURIOUS WITH GOOGLE TONIGHT!!! First, I went to go check the analytics on our places accounts for our properties, and I was greeted with violation notifications stating that the listing don’t meet Google’s “quality guidelines”. These listings have been up for years with no issues, and I have made off and on adjustments […]

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Written Posts

Go ahead, make this your fortune today.

No Comments 11 October 2010

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