Episode 53 - What are you looking for at NAA? (Besides an iPad or my Flip)

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Episode 53 – What are you looking for at NAA? (Besides an iPad or my Flip)

3 Comments 21 June 2010

It’s always fun to hear about new things going on in the multifamily world.  What are you looking for during your trip to New Orleans?  And winning an iPad doesn’t count.  Let me know what you think of the Kodak Zi8 as well if you have an opinion.  Thanks!

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No, I’m not the first to call it an iFad

21 Comments 15 June 2010

Let’s be honest, how many people need an iPad?  I don’t care how “cool” it is.  The reality of it all is that it’s a fad that will pass.  It’s like we are so impatient for Apple to come out with something new, we convince ourselves that making a huge iPhone is definitely the wave-of-the-future.  […]

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 Episode 52 - You Don't Need a Plan for Everything ... Just Do It

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Episode 52 – You Don’t Need a Plan for Everything … Just Do It

5 Comments 08 June 2010

I’m not trying to throw anyone under the bus here.  It’s just conversation.  At the end of our Podcast today Dan Farkas gave advice about “having a plan” for doing online video.  I have a different opinion.  Check it out.

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Google Local – How does your business become a “Favorite Place”?

1 Comment 08 June 2010

Apparently it pays to optimize your Google Local listings.  I received a letter from Google this week advising me that J.C. Hart Company, Inc. is one of the most popular local businesses on Google.  This was measured by how many times people found our business listings and clicked on them for more information.  According to […]

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