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Own Your Negative Reviews

0 Comments 30 March 2010

Last week I was sent an inquiry from a prospect that addressed some negative online reviews. I wanted to share that conversation and show how quick and honest responses are the way to go. Let me know your thoughts.

Prospect – “I have read some negative reviews of Bayshore for things such as high electrical costs due to poor insulation, bad parking at night, and crime. I was wondering if you could address some of these in a reply email, and if anything has been done to take care of some of these issues.”

Me – “Thank you so much for your questions and concerns.  Our purpose is to provide an enjoyable experience for our residents, and like with almost anything we too sometimes experience criticism based on individual’s perspectives.  We really appreciate you taking the time to ask us about our community and some of the reviews you have found.  While we can’t deny that sometimes open lot parking can be tight in certain areas of the community, we do have carports and garages available to rent so you can always have a reserved space if that is important to you.  In regards to crime, you’ll find that any community can have potential crime regardless of the perceived quality of the apartments or management.  For example, if you search http://greenwoodpolice.familywatchdog.us/GreenwoodCrimeMap.asp you’ll find that similar communities also have noise complaints or other minor disturbances that are recorded.  With your concerns for insulation we can tell you that when there is any concern with bills our maintenance teams immediately evaluate and provide any necessary fixes or remedies.  These seem to be isolated issues as we have numerous residents that have lived with us for many years that have not had concerns.  We hope this helps answer your questions, and again, we appreciate you asking.  We’d love for you to come out to visit the community.  Please let me know when you would like to do so and we’ll schedule a time that works best for you.  Thank you and enjoy your day!”

Prospect – “Thank you so much for your quick response! That does clear up most of my questions quite nicely infact :). My boyfriend and I actually came in on Tuesday and looked at an apartment. You had mentioned that one would be opening up at the beginning of June. I re-looked at our lease, and it actually ends June 29 (much to my surprise hah). I was wondering if there would be anytime I could meet with you Tuesday to possible turn in our applications and maybe reserve that apartment? We would be moving in the last week- week and half of June, so probably Sunday, the 20th. Thank you so much for your quick response again!


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