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Entertaining Content Isn’t Good Enough

2 Comments 28 March 2014

Watch the Video A quick expansion on my point from the other day that we’re not in the content business/media busines, and why it needs to be more than content intended to just grab attention or entertain.

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The Apartment Business is a Relationship Business

3 Comments 25 March 2014

First off, I’ll apologize for the length of the video.  I hope you take time to listen.  If not, I’ve included the transcript below. All inspired by my friend Mike Brewer.  He’s been doing some great work at his company Mills Properties, and I’ve envied his blogging efforts in 2014 so far.  His post, Apartment [...]

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Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook Book Review

0 Comments 27 January 2014

January 2014 has been crazy busy, and making time to write this book review has been something I haven’t been able to make a priority.  I’m glad I slept on it a bit though as I know I have a tendency to get really excited about something in the moment and then it fades away [...]

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What reviews are you focusing on?

2 Comments 20 September 2013

Yes, I’m still alive (although this blog has seen better days).  One of the challenges with blogging, or using social media in general, is that you have to actually do it.  Whether I’m doing a video or banging something out on the keyboard it does take some thought and effort.  With the number of topics [...]

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The New Word of Mouth – a guest post from Duncan Alney

Added on 19 June 2011

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  • The New Word of Mouth – a guest post from Duncan Alney
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  • Apartment Internet Marketing (AIM) Conference – Mike Whaling
  • AIM Conference 2009 – Interview with Conference Executive Producer Steve Lefkovits

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